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The Leaf Cask & Barrel Way

Our Story in a Nutshell.

Leaf Cask & Barrel has been in the making for years and didn’t even know it.

As purveyors of boutique cigars and fine liquors, stumbling upon this business was a natural progression. 

We’ve seen over the years how these industries, though very different, actually work together hand in hand. They can bring together people from all walks of life based upon just a few things they may have in common, starting with a cigar or a drink. There is no judgment of the clothes someone wears, the car they drive or the size of their home. There is just friendly conversation, comradery, a brotherhood and sisterhood if you will. It’s amazing how many friendships can be made or business deals that can be closed by using these simple items as common ground to build an ongoing relationship.

For anyone who has been a regular at a local lounge, I’m sure you can attest to a businessman and a blue collar worker enjoying each others’ company through premium tobacco or fine spirits even though they may be in different levels of society and have nothing else in common.

Our team loves to travel to different parts of the world see firsthand how some of these great products are created, take factory tours and mingle with company owners and master blenders. Every time we leave a new place we always say “Wow, there's no way any other place in the world can be this amazing.” And then we arrive at our next destination, only to feel this way all over again.

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